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Scattered-Site & Rent Subsidy
Administration Program

Scattered-Site & Rent Subsidy Administration Program

Established in partnership with the City of San Francisco Department of Public Health (DPH) – Housing and Urban Health, West Bay Housing Corporation (WBHC) has been tasked to identify and secure rental units for individuals transitioning out of Laguna Honda Hospital (LHH) and persons considered at risk of placement in a skilled nursing facility.  As needed, WBHC project manages the unit modifications (reasonable accommodations) required to meet the special needs of each program participant.  Moreover, WBHC manages the rental subsidy administration and the housing retention services which include unit habitability and tenant well-being inspections and 24-hour emergency services. 

Key Program Components:

Identifying and Securing Scattered-Site Housing

Based on the assessed housing needs of program participants, WBHC conducts a systematic search for suitable housing throughout San Francisco County, in a range of configurations. This search targets owners and managers of large and small portfolios in order to maximize the range of housing opportunities and expedite the progress toward meeting the Program’s goal of securing 100 units per year over the next 5 years.

WBHC negotiates and secures lease contracts with landlords and property managers in the community. Due to its well of diverse resources as a housing developer and property management company, WBHC can offer landlords and property managers help with caring for some property management responsibilities such as ongoing maintenance, major repairs, and accessibility modifications. Wherever possible, WBHC seeks to negotiate long-term leases with prescribed annual rent increases. WBHC understands the goals of professional property managers in the community and seeks to develop and maintain long-term business relationships with them.

Kevin McNeil
Anthony moves into Scattered-Site Housing

Kevin McNeil
Bathroom modification (before)

Kevin McNeil
Bathroom modification (after)

Rent Subsidy Administration
WBHC administers a rental subsidy program for all program participants. WBHC conducts income verifications prior to move-in to ensure that each program participant is in compliance with the program’s policies, and that each program participant pays no more than 50% of his/her income towards rent. WBHC collects the participant’s share of the rent from a third-party payee service provider designated by DPH. As the lease holder of each property, WBHC is responsible for all rent payments, security deposits, and all other terms and conditions according to contract.

Housing Retention
The sustainability of the Scattered-Site Housing Program depends largely on the successful retention of each participant in the community. To this end, WBHC supports the development of housing related life skills specific to each program participant, e.g., tenant-landlord relations and mediation, neighbor relations, travel, moving, storage, and establishing utility services, etc.

WBHC serves as a liaison between program participants and the property management staff of each multi-family residency within the community to ensure that 1) program participants are maintaining the rules and regulations of the community in which they live, and 2) to ensure that each participant has what he or she needs in order to thrive in the community.

Additionally, WBHC works very closely with any social services representatives who might be caring for the needs of program participants in the community. WBHC maintains a database and network of supportive housing resources available in San Francisco. These resources include assistance programs, 24 hour emergency shelter services, emergency rental assistance agencies, food banks, and transportation services.

With retention as a primary goal, WBHC is always working towards maintaining strong relationships with everyone concerned be they public service agencies, property managers, business owners, or other residents and neighbors within the community.

Kevin McNeil
Matt and Nelly (West Bay Staff) visit with Scattered-Site tenants during the holidays

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